Backyard Tick Prevention Tips

tick waiting victim on blade of grass

Getting ready for outside activities, whether it be hiking through a state park or playing in the backyard, means being prepared for ticks. Before you venture into the great outdoors, take some time consider pest control, specifically, tick control. In most states, the peak tick season runs from April to September, and it is during this time that humans and pets are at the highest risk for contracting tick-borne illnesses.


Serious and even life-threatening, tick-borne diseases are transferred from the tick to the person or animal it feeds upon. The two most well-known dangers are Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Symptoms of tick-borne illnesses in humans include fevers, chills, aches, pains, rashes, and neurological reactions. Infected pets display similar symptoms. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your family and your pet from these diseases and infections.


One pest control measure is to make sure the environment is uninviting to ticks. Prune dense foliage, and get rid of brush and leaf piles. Remove weeds growing near fences or walls and make sure wood piles are raised off the ground a few inches. Ticks love a warm, shady, damp environment, so cleaning up these areas and keeping grass cut short will eliminate their preferred surroundings. These measures will also discourage deer and other tick bearing animals from coming onto your property. There is also the option of using a tick pesticide to prevent overgrowth and tick infestations; however, to be safe, you should consult a licensed pest control specialist, like us at Organic Nature Lawn Care! Our team offers both organic tick prevention solutions as well as conventional tick solutions.


At Organic Nature Lawn Care we can apply all of the landscaping tactics as well as an organic tick repellent to your property so you can keep the ticks at bay. Have questions? Give us a call as we’re happy to answer any of your pest or landscaping related questions. If you’re ready to take action click here for a quote!