Gardener applying turf rolls in the backyard

New Lawn Installations

When starting a brand new lawn, you need it done right. Organic Nature Lawn Care in Danbury, CT does more than just spread seeds. You’ll get a complete solution with professionals that care and provide:


  • Complete seeding and aeration
  • Top dressing compost installation
  • Soil preparation and amendment
  • Ground leveling to prevent dips and bumps

Lawn Care & Maintenance

If your lawn is not looking alive anymore or simply needs a facelift, our services deliver prime results. You’ll get professional-styled lawn with our 7-step process that ensures it gets what it truly needs to look alive.

Choose from 3 lawn care programs, including:

  • 100% organic (NOFA Accredited)
  •  Hybrid - Transitional (Organic+Conventional Synthetic)
  • Conventional Synthetic
Wheelbarrow on the backyard full of yellow leaves

Seasonal Lawn Care

It's crucial for homeowners to address seasonal lawn care maintenance tasks in order to achieve a healthy landscape. At Organic Nature Lawn Care we provide seasonal landscaping packages that include fertilizing, seeding, debris removal and more.

Tick On Grass

Complete Yard Tick Control Services

If you find that ticks are out of control in your yard, we’ll put a stop to it with guaranteed results you can rely on. Go for a 100% natural and safe approach to tick control or opt for a more aggressive program. The choice is yours.

Tick control packages include:

  • 100% organic solution package
  • Conventional tick control package

Soil Amendment

Soil amendment is very important in order to maintain turf accessibility to nutrients. Your soil should have the right pH balance and with a soil amendment we can control the acidity balance, promoting the availability of major plant nutrients to induce a favorable soil structure.