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Prevent your lawn from being the next meal for a deer


Whether you have an award-winning garden or simply looking to repair your lawn, deer constantly threaten your landscaping. To help you in this battle, Organic Nature Lawn Care has developed its deer repellent that is proven to work and is an eco-friendly solution that will deter deer from going through your property. With our process, you will enjoy a simple application that will keep your greenery safe without the effects of deer enjoying a late lunch in your backyard.

Why Are Deer An Issue?


Deer are adorable creatures, but for those who love to grow plants that are native here in NY and CT, gorgeous flowers or even vegetable patches, it is not so cute when the deer munch on them. Whether it is a prized flower or just a bush, deer are the ultimate snackers. However, the eating is not the only issue. Deer can also carry deer ticks, which can migrate to your garden or greenery and cause significant issues for humans, including Lyme disease.

Most importantly, although deer eating your plants is annoying, protecting your pets and family is always what matters most. With our repellent, you can help keep deer away from your property and ultimately limit the tick population in and around your property. Our solution will make your property safer and without adverse effects for those who enjoy the outdoors.


An Eco-Friendly and Natural Option


Unlike other deer repellents on the market, our product is truly green and eco-friendly. We do not believe in using harmful chemicals or non-natural ingredients in our spray. Instead, our proprietary formula provides proven usability that is safe for both humans and pets. Plus, it does not harm the deer but instead just makes any greenery taste awful to deer and other vermin.

How We Use Our Deer Repellent


Applying our deer repellent is a quick process. We simply spray the repellent on landscape plants or flowers you have noticed, and we know deer love, and that is it. Once done, our repellent will start to work. Our repellent works via taste, so once a deer tastes your plant, they immediately move on to another food source. As deer often take the same route to find food, they will now avoid your landscape as they associate it with poor taste. As well, as our repellent will soak into the plant's leaves, rain or other inclement weather will not affect the repellent nature of the spray. The best part is that our solution does not have any adverse effects on your plants or flowers in terms of growth or health. Our solution is simple, effective, and safe, and no matter how many deer you have, we can make our solution work for your property.


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