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Why is mole control necessary?

While these little creatures are not dangerous to humans or pets (and even help aerate the soil), they can be a nuisance to those hoping to maintain the perfect lawn. Their burrowing can damage the grass roots and leave some unsightly signs of their presence.

How to tell you have moles in your yard

The most obvious signs of mole activity in your yard are the raised mounds of dirt, or mole hills. But other not so obvious signs may be dead or discolored areas or even soft spots around your lawn or raised ridges running through your yard. 

What attracts moles to your lawn?

The main attraction for moles is easy access to food. If your lawn happens to have a large selection of insects, such as white grubs, beetles, and earthworms, then it might be the ideal place for a mole to set up camp. Furthermore, if the soil is very moist due to overwatering it may make the mole want to stay for good.


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