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We offer a lawn service that is specifically tailored to your needs. Our specialties include; lawn fertilization, weed control, crabgrass control, insect control, grub control, seeding and aeration, top dressing organic compost, organic topsoil and sod installation. With the right treatments, the right expertise and the best products available, you can be sure to have the most beautiful lawn on the block. We have the perfect blend of knowledge and skills to ensure your lawn is always looking its best.


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Experience the power of nature with our Organic Lawn Care Program. We believe in working harmoniously with the environment to create beautiful, lush lawns without the use of synthetic chemicals. Our team of experts will employ natural techniques, such as organic fertilizers, top dressing organic composting, and soil enrichment, to ensure your lawn flourishes while promoting long-term soil health. Embrace a sustainable approach and enjoy a vibrant, chemical-free lawn that's safe for your family, pets, and the planet.

Hybrid Lawn 8


Harness the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Lawn Care Program. Combining the benefits of organic and conventional methods, we provide a balanced approach to lawn care that maximizes effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact. Our skilled professionals will utilize a mix of organic products and carefully selected, low-toxicity synthetic solutions to address specific lawn needs. Enjoy the advantages of a healthier, greener lawn while maintaining a focus on sustainability and reduced synthetic usage.

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For those seeking a conventional approach to lawn care, our Conventional Lawn Care Program offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our highly trained team will utilize proven synthetic fertilizers, weed control products, and pest management techniques to maintain the aesthetics and vitality of your lawn. With our expertise and attention to detail, we'll ensure your lawn remains pristine and inviting throughout the seasons, while adhering to industry best practices and safety guidelines.

Our Comprehensive Seven-Step Lawn Care Program

Providing year-round support to ensure your lawn thrives in every season!

Our program kicks off with Early Spring lawn care essentials. We begin with a well-balanced fertilization treatment, providing your lawn with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and vibrant color. Simultaneously, we target early weed growth through effective weed control measures. Additionally, we identify bare patches and thinning areas for spot seeding, promoting a denser and more uniform lawn.

As the season progresses, we shift our focus to Late Spring lawn care. Our experts perform a second round of fertilization, ensuring your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to thrive during the warmer months. We implement pre-emergent treatments to control crabgrass and apply broadleaf weed control, effectively eliminating common broadleaf weeds while maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn.

During Early Summer, we prioritize insect control to safeguard your lawn against common pests such as chinch bugs and other damaging insects. Our targeted insect control measures are designed to minimize pest populations and protect your grass from potential infestations. By addressing these issues early on, we help maintain the integrity and health of your lawn throughout the summer.

Late Summer marks the time for organic fertilization and grub control. We apply organic fertilizers tailored to the specific needs of your lawn, promoting sustained growth and resilience. Additionally, we implement grub control measures to prevent these destructive pests from damaging your turf. This comprehensive approach ensures your lawn remains lush and healthy as the seasons transition.

In Early Fall, we focus on repairing any summer scars and preparing your lawn for the colder months ahead. We conduct a thorough assessment of your lawn's condition, addressing any bare patches, weeds, or areas in need of spot seeding. Fall seeding and aeration are also included to promote strong root growth and enhance overall lawn health. These steps rejuvenate your lawn after the summer and set the stage for a vibrant spring.

As the season approaches its end, we shift our attention to soil amendment and pH correction. We analyze your soil composition and pH levels to determine any necessary adjustments or amendments required for optimal lawn health. By addressing soil deficiencies and correcting pH imbalances, we ensure a favorable environment for your lawn's long-term success.

To prepare your lawn for the winter months, our program concludes with a winterizing fertilization treatment. This application helps your lawn establish a deeper root system, enhancing its resilience and ability to withstand harsh winter conditions. Winterizing fertilization also aids in maintaining essential mineral reserves, providing a solid foundation for your lawn's growth and vitality come spring.


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Over-seeding, or spot seeding, is a great method to fill in damaged or brown areas of your lawn, and a vital part of annual maintenance. Ideally done in Fall or Spring, pairing over-seeding with aeration is the best way to improve soil intake of nutrients and water, while also improving root deepness and density creating a lush green lawn. The resultant thick and healthy grass will be more resistant to summer droughts, weeds, insects and other pathogens.

Core Aeration (1)

Core Aeration

Soil aeration plays a vital role in promoting optimal growth and health of your lawn. By perforating the soil, we improve its intake of essential nutrients and water, increase root depth and density, and create a lush green expanse that is more resistant to drought, weeds, insects, and pathogens. Thick and healthy grass prevents weed seeds from germinating and allows for the development of a wider and deeper root system, enhancing nutrient and water absorption.


Top Dressing Organic Compost

By top dressing organic compost your lawn you are feeding macro and microorganisms in the soil that are responsible for making nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium available to your lawn. Top dressing compost is a great way to increase the soil's organic matter content and greatly improve water retention at the same time. Organic compost also helps to naturally aerate the soil and alleviate soil compaction by creating air pockets.

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Organic Topsoil

Our organic topsoil is full of nutrients and minerals, but free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers - the best of both worlds! When added to your lawn, organic topsoil is an optimal way to get rid of bare spots, improve water retention, and reduce compaction of soil to allow adequate oxygen to to the grass roots. Plus, it will also make your lawn look thick and heathy in no time, without negative environmental impacts.

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Weed Control

We tackle common problems such as weeds with a more comprehensive approach, starting with improving soil quality to create conditions the promote healthy grass growth that is resistant to weeds, heat stress, insects and diseases. In our early spring service, for example, we apply fertilizer with crabgrass control, spray for broadleaf weeds and spot seed your lawn as needed in order to grow a thick and healthy lawn.


Organic Fertilization

With a holistic approach to your lawn care in mind, organic fertilizers will not only lead to growing a thick lawn, but can improve the structure of the soil over time. As organic fertilizers are less soluble than synthetic fertilizers, they result in minimal nutrient losses, while providing some added micronutrients to the soil. Pairing this with aeration is the best way to having a long lasting healthy lawn.


Are you looking for lawn care and maintenance services? We offer a wide variety of lawn care services, including a comprehensive seven-step program to keep your healthy all year lawn.

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