Get Rid of Mosquitos and Ticks for Good

As the weather warms up, you deserve to enjoy your backyard. If you have a problem with ticks and mosquitos, however, you may choose to forego the outdoors and spend less time enjoying your yard or patio. You don’t have to choose pests when you choose to go outside. It is possible that you can have a tick and mosquito free backyard all summer long.

The Dangers of Ticks and Mosquitos

While ticks and mosquitos may seem like an inconvenience, they are worse than that. Ticks can carry Lyme disease. This is a serious illness that can imitate other illnesses, often leading to a misdiagnosis. Mosquitos also carry disease. They can carry West Nile Virus, which is also serious.

The Preventative Methods for Ticks and Mosquitos

So, how do you defend your backyard against these pests? The answer is simple. You can have your yard sprayed with pesticides that can kill and repel these pests throughout the summer. You would have your yard sprayed one every three weeks during the season the pests are active.

There are two ways that tick control experts may spray your yard. The first way is to saturate the yard with the pesticide. The professionals will use a hose to spray all of the grass. The other way is through a backyard sprayer. This sprayer has a fine mist that coats vegetation and creates an invisible barrier. Most pesticides that professionals use are pyrethroid based. Some may even use organic options like rosemary oil or garlic.

When it comes to your backyard, there are a number of options that can keep your yard free from pests. You do not have to put up with mosquitos and ticks all year round. In fact, you should never have to worry about them. After all, they can spread serious diseases if you leave them in your yard. Investing in tick control can have your yard bug free.