What Are the Benefits of Organic Fertilizer?

Perfect garden

To have a lush, healthy lawn, having a professional apply fertilizer during the year is important. Fertilizers help plants get the nutrients they need for growth, providing a range of minerals and biological compounds needed. Grass isn’t the only thing that benefits from regular feeding; flowers, trees and garden vegetables can also use some tender, loving care. Why choose organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer for plants?

Natural Compounds Instead of Refined Chemicals

One of the reasons to go with organic is that it introduces compounds into the soil that are supposed to be there. With organic fertilizer, healthy bacteria in the soil activate, which helps the entire yard. Many of these microscopic organisms provide benefits to soil quality, breaking down dead plants, returning the nutrients to the soil and helping new plants better absorb the food.

This is similar to the effect of adding compost to a garden. The advantage of fertilizer is that you can apply it to a far larger area and still retain the attractive appearance of the lawn.

Environmentally Friendly Lawncare

If you want “green” lawn care, choosing organic fertilizer makes sense. Because this type of fertilizer is made up of less refined, natural sources of nutrients, it’s easier for the Earth to break it down.

With chemical fertilizers, there’s always a risk of man-made compounds leaking into groundwater. From there, the chemicals can end up in nearby streams, rivers and lakes, or even the ocean. This can hurt local wildlife and, eventually, people.

Of course, organic fertilizer also needs to be used properly. Lawncare experts know how to apply the right amount of fertilizer to your lawn or garden. This is important in the case of animal manure because it can add too much nitrogen or phosphorus to soil and groundwater otherwise.

The Bottom Line

Chemical fertilizers aren’t always a bad thing, but they require careful application. For an eco-friendly lawn, you can’t go wrong with organic fertilizer.