How to Keep Your Lawn Amazing all Autumn

Maintaining a good-looking lawn during the summer requires regular watering and removing weeds. When fall starts to inch closer, lawn maintenance can be more challenging and requires a different approach. Just because the temperatures fall and other aspects of the weather change doesn’t mean you have to give up on a beautiful lawn. There are some simple tricks you can follow to ensure that you meet your lawn care goals during this time.

Don’t Forget to Fertilize

Most homeowners know that fertilizing the lawn during the summer is a must. However, too many people neglect autumn fertilizing. Proper care will help to ensure that the grass returns to its summer green color once spring arrives and turns over to summer again. A fall fertilizing is essential in most area. Pay close attention to the type of grass you have, however, as some lawns will be better off to wait until early spring to fertilize again.

Know When to Mow

You shouldn’t have to continue mowing every week in September and October. You should be able to move to an every-other-week schedule or handle this task even less frequently. Also, be sure to adjust the mowing height of your mower to the lowest setting. This lawn maintenance tip will keep your grass healthier.

Take Care of Those Leaves

If you have trees in and around your yard, you’ll almost certainly have to deal with falling leaves. While these may be fun for kids to play in, excessive leaves on the grass can create brown spots and kill the lawn. Rake the leaves as often as you can. You can even bag the and turn them into compost for your yard.

Autumn time has unique challenges for lawn maintenance, but if you take the right approach, your grass can stay green and healthy. Fertilizing, mowing and leaf-raking are each critical during this time of the year.