Why Proper Preparation is Key to a Healthy New Lawn

Whether yours is a brand-new home with no existing landscaping or an established one that needs some sprucing up, lawn installation is a big job. Much more than tossing grass seeds on the ground and sprinkling some water over them, installing a lush and lasting lawn takes a lot of planning and preparation. In fact, the prep work is arguably the most important step in the process.

There are several important steps necessary to ensure your land is properly prepared for growing a gorgeous green yard. Because laying the groundwork is critical to success and involves an artful combination of knowledge and skills, your best bet is to partner with a professional lawn installer.

Design for Beauty and Function

A wide expanse of healthy green grass is pleasing and peaceful, but your yard needs to serve your family’s needs. You may want to incorporate a patio or deck, a children’s play area, or a water feature. Lawn installation should be targeted to areas where it makes sense and enhances the yard’s overall design. An experienced lawn installer can guide you through this important decision.

Gauge the Health of Your Soil

By assessing the health of your existing soil, your installer can determine whether it is optimized to provide all the nutrients necessary to nurture a healthy lawn. If not, soil amendment will boost its components as necessary, including achieving the proper pH balance.

Level Out Holes and Hills

Bumpy ground can lead to uneven results, leaving your lawn looking haphazard and unhealthy. By smoothing out the imperfections before laying the lawn, your installer creates a smooth canvas for the artistic lawn installation of your dreams. 

A new lawn beautifies your home and increases your enjoyment of it. It’s also a big undertaking that you don’t want to repeat anytime soon, so do it right the first time with the help of a skilled lawn installer.