Top 3 Pros of Natural Lawn Fertilization

After World War II, human populations exploded. This was largely based on the sudden availability of massive quantities of nitrogen for agriculture that was previously used for explosives in the war. Both agriculture and lawn care became commercialized on unprecedented scales due to synthetic fertilizers, seeming to put the concept of natural lawn fertilization into the dust bin of history.

Unfortunately, synthetic fertilizer comes at a cost to both the environment and your yard’s health. Fortunately, organic lawn care has seen a huge surge in popularity recently, driving down costs and increasing availability. The benefits are numerous, but here are the top three reasons you should switch today.

Superior Soil Health

Unfortunately, synthetic fertilizers are designed to promote the appearance of your lawn over its health. Man-made fertilizer is much more water-soluble and is rapidly absorbed into the soil. Natural lawn fertilization is designed to gradually be absorbed and stimulate the growth of healthy microbes. Artificial fertilizers use herbicides and insecticides that kill somewhat indiscriminately, including the healthy biome.

Organic lawn care professionals use fertilizers that are accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut. NOFA requires continuing education in the application of organic fertilizer so they can use cutting-edge technology while still staying 100% organic.

Safer for Your Family

Artificial fertilizer application on lawns generally requires that humans and pets stay off the sprayed areas for up to 48 hours. Organic applications are much safer, with gradual release of nutrients and only certified organic pesticide use as needed.

Better for the Environment

The overuse of nitrogen in widespread synthetic fertilization is creating an environmental disaster. It causes blue-green algal blooms that fill some lakes in the summer, leading to mass fish kills. Slow-absorption natural fertilizer significantly reduces the runoff and what does enter the waterways is far less potent, as well.

If you’re interested in a healthier lawn and environment – plus are concerned about the impact of chemical overuse on your family – look into natural lawn fertilization. It’s a great way to combine ancient methods with modern technology for a fully organic yard.