Organic Fertilizing Is the New Normal for Better Residential Grass Care

Throughout most of history, humans had to rely on fertilizers found in nature. However, World War II changed that, as the leaps in organic chemistry based on wartime research led to a huge price drop in man-made fertilizer. It seemed that natural lawn fertilization had become a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, as artificial fertilizers exploded in popularity, they also brought with them terrible consequences. Used in limited quantities, they did little harm, but as agriculture and populations boomed, the problems became immediately obvious, with fouled water and massive fish kills among the consequences.

Today, organic fertilizers have found a grand resurgence, especially in lawn care. The benefits are numerous, and the prices have dropped enough to make organic lawn care the hottest new topic in yard maintenance.

Better for Your Grass

Synthetic fertilizers are designed for lawn appearance, not soil health. The wild environment developed based on natural fertilizers, so plants developed to respond best to a soil with natural lawn fertilization. Artificial fertilizers also typically include synthetic pest control and weed killers. Modern ones are safe when used correctly by experienced professionals, but they have disadvantages for long-term soil health. 

Better for the Environment

Synthetic fertilizers are considerably more water-soluble, meaning more product must be used, especially over time as the soil health deteriorates. Using them leads to more runoff in drains and waterways, encouraging toxic blue-green algae blooms to choke lakes and ponds. This causes mass fish kills and is rapidly changing the water condition throughout many regions.

Because synthetic solutions are so widely used, they’re damaging the natural world, leading to increased taxes to combat the effects. Also, the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides on your lawn can be hazardous to pets. You typically must wait a couple of days after fertilizing to let your pets out, but not with organics!

Natural lawn fertilization is ideal for those who enjoy a nice yard and care about the health of their planet, plants and animals. Plus, you’ll end up with better-looking, healthier grass in the long run.