Healthy and Organic Soil Results in a Lush Lawn

A beautiful and vibrant green lawn is more than just a pleasant site. It can also indicate that your soil is healthy, pesticide-free, and thriving. Whether you are a gardener that craves the perfect place to grow your plants, or you want to be environmentally friendly, organic lawn care can provide the best outcome. 

Reasons To Go Organic

Organic lawn care will result in soil that has adequate nutrition and water content while controlling disease and pests. You won’t need to spend extra time and money on soil amendments to help your lawn thrive. 

Chemicals and pesticides can kill more than just the weeds you want to eliminate. They can also disrupt the delicate biological structure of earthworms, bacteria, and other organisms that keep your soil healthy and able to support your grass and other plant life. Once this natural ecosystem is damaged, it can take a lot of work to rectify. 

Best Way To Determine the Health of Your Soil

You can easily test the soil yourself to gauge the quality level. Dig up a small section that is about four inches deep. Your sample should have both soil and grass. Healthy factors to look for include a dense grass structure, soil that has a good moisture content without sticking together, and the presence of earthworms. If you see all three signs, then you are in good shape. 

Soil Amendment To Restore Balance

If you notice that your soil and lawn aren’t looking so good, you can take some simple measures to fix the situation. A good soil amendment, or material that is added to the soil, can take care of the problem. Compost is the best thing you can add to help your soil rebalance. It’s also an environmentally friendly activity that you can start to reduce your waste by recycling those food scraps and organic materials for another use. 

Once you understand the reasons that organic is best for your yard, you can take the appropriate actions to keep it healthy. With a bit of care, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.