Secrets To Know To Keep Your Yard Insect and Weed Free

Although having a yard is an important goal for most homeowners, maintaining the lawn, bushes, and plants may not be part of their weekly list of desirable activities. For those that don’t enjoy spending long hours raking, mowing, or replanting, when winter finally arrives, it can be seen as a reprieve from the drudgery of yard work. If your goal is to have an insect and weed-free yard, you can use the winter days for planning for your lawn irrigation, landscape design, and garden plant types.


As soon as the snow melts and the days begin to warm, spring has finally arrived, and it is time for the first lawn treatment. Locate a fertilizer for your specific grass type and make sure it includes a weed reduction agent. These “weed-n-feed” powders are easy to use – your landscape company will simply sprinkle the grains over your grass to feed and weed the blades as they grow.


Watering too much is just as bad for your yard as watering too little, and you may end up with the same yellowing results. To prevent improper irrigation patterns in your garden and grass, put in a lawn irrigation system. The gardening company can adjust the spray patterns for full coverage, but with less waste than you may have with other watering systems.


Insects can be a problem in even the most beautiful gardens. You can remove destructive insects with pesticides or natural deterrents but remember your lawn and garden will need the help of useful insects for cross-pollination. To prevent complete insect elimination, consult with your landscape company about using caution when choosing or applying an insect deterrent of any type.


Your yard is about much more than the blades of grass that grow wildly when the weather is warm. With the proper lawn irrigation, landscape design, and maintenance created by a landscape company, you can have a yard that will be the envy of the neighborhood.