5 Things You Didn’t Know Landscapers Could Do for You

Most people employ landscape gardeners to manicure their lawns, maintain bushes, and plant flowers. However, it may surprise you to know there are many other things landscapers can do to make your yard a thing of beauty. Here are just five of that you probably didn’t know about.

  1.  Lighting

You may have a light above your deck or next to your porch, but it probably doesn’t shine into your yard. Imagine adding columns with lights, strings of lighting, or perimeter lighted pillars. Lighting can enhance the beauty of your yard and allow guests a safe passage.

  1.  Perennials

Although you may have a flower garden, did you know landscapers can create an area filled with perennials that return year after year to beautify your yard? The gardeners can also maintain the plot and split the plants as they mature.

  1.  Property

Your gardening service understands your outdoor space is vital to you all year long. So, with the aging population, many landscaping companies are diversifying into property maintenance through all the seasons. The services may include snow removal, raking leaves, pruning bushes, and replanting annual flower beds.

  1.  Entertainment

Your landscaping company can help you design an entertainment area, so ask the yard specialist about fireplaces, kitchens, and barbeque areas. Design an outdoor dining zone with all the amenities and host the best parties in the neighborhood.

  1.  Walls

If your yard is uneven or has extreme slopes, you may want to talk to your landscaping company about installing retaining walls. The partitions can eliminate destructive erosion and add a decorative element to your yard. You don’t have to choose brick walls; there are many styles of retaining barriers to choose from.


The many services your landscapers can perform for you may be surprising, but once you know what they can do, the company can save you a fair amount of time. Ask your gardener what features can be created to add character and beauty to your yard. You may be surprised at the variety available.